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I'm back!

Holy crap! Long time no see this site!
Well... the comic is half true. Yes I'm playing WoW but no, it was not what kept me from making a new comic. That is why you even get a fifth panel instead of the usual 4... wow one panelo after months of not updating... imagine a year... eeehm

My PC crashed with a virus and had to get a new one, also a lot of shit going on at work.

But those where not the only things that kept me busy.

Anyways, I'm thinking on making my own webcomic site. But that's a plan far ahead.

Also I made a Whatever Sheet Twitter account so be sure to follow :)

Anyways that is all for now... See you.. ON MONDAY! <- yes, next monday

Le' Crap!

Late comic I know... I've been a busy motherfucker.

Anyways I'm sorry for the recycling drawings for Jesse and Jack... I was in such a hurry. Some might say I should have just left them out, but I wanted them to actually be seen in Donnie's place.

Well anyways.. story goes on! See you Friday!


Well... I arrived home at 11:30 pm, and started to draw the 7th comic. Around 00:15 am I knew it could not be done, sooo this sort of happened in like 20 minutes... anyways Sorry for the filler... I hope you still enjoy it.

Gotta go to work.

I have to say... Fill IS usefull... really.

Good Morning!

Early comic.

I'm going to the beach in a few hours... need some sleep. Maybe I'll post something on Sunday.



Yeah, I'm guilty of the copy-paste crime... I had a few busy days and needed to finish the comic ASAP. I used some previous Joe and Donnie drawings I had to make today's strip.

Sorry if you did notice, and if you didn't... maybe I should have kept my mouth shut!! (or my keyboard blocked dunno).

Anyways I really liked the outcome and finally got to draw new characters, so it is all good at the end.


Well got the comic up a little late, but no biggie... I thought I could finish it at work... but boy was I wrong.

So we're on Holy Week now. I'm not very fond with religion, but most people (me) take the Holy Week as a small vacation (this weekend), I'm planning a trip to the nearest beach with some friends!

I hope I can go... or I will get pale... maybe khaki


Hur! Hur!
New template layout! I still need to put my hands in it, so it looks more different.

Well updates this first 4 days have been quite fast, I just wanted to finish that 3rd comic.

Now I'll go regular M - W - F updates.

No more news! Go play a game or something! or better yet... read my comic!


Tuesday is a tiny Friday

Well... 2nd comic up... go check it Mr. Invisible Fan!

I'll try to make 3 updates a week, I'll try to make one tomorrow, but if I miss it then it'll go regular next week on Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Hope I can handle that.

See ya Mr. Invisible!

PD: I'll make the comic site better when I get some slacking time. Oh! And also the banner.


Shame on me for that title.

So, This is my first comic ever.. and I'm really exited. I know it is April's Fools but I do not intend to do a comic about that, maybe in 2010 :D.

So, until further notice I'll try to update at least 3 times a week.

See you all later!.. I hope somebody even reads this.

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